K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi 2023 Complete Detail Month Wise

We are Our Company, we are aware of how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and developments in the field of energy. K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi 2023 Complete Detail Month Wise. In this post, we’ll give you a complete guide to the most recent rates per unit for electricity that is provided from K-Electric from Karachi, Pakistan. We will examine the impact these changes will have on the customers in 2023. We will also provide useful information for people who want to pursue careers in fields that deal with energy.

Understanding K-Electric: A Century of Service

K-Electric is the only supplier of electricity to Karachi for more than 100 years. Since the year 2023 K-Electric is making significant changes to its unit rate lists, which have caused fears among the inhabitants of Karachi. It is crucial for customers to comprehend these changes so that they can effectively manage their energy consumption and budget.

Impact of the Updated Unit Rate List

The rates of electricity differ based on the type of connection. While domestic connections can have rates ranging from between PKR 2 and PKR 25 per unit, industrial, commercial connections, and agricultural are charged higher. It is vital to know that recent increases of the general sales tax, which went from 17% to 18% as part of the Financial Bill 2023 introduced by Ishaq Dar has resulted in an overall rise in the cost of energy. This means that electricity will continue to be more expensive in the next few days.

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To comprehend the implications of the newly updated price list for unit rates, it’s essential to study the consumption patterns of customers. Electricity prices differ based on the amount of units consumed and there are a set of slabs of units against which cost of electricity varies. Users who use under 50 kWh each monthly will suffer most, whereas those who consume more than 700 kWh a month will feel the most impact.

K-Electric’s Tariff Structure for 2023

K-Electric’s tariff structure in 2023 has a fixed monthly cost and a variable one that is based on the amount of electricity consumed. Single-phase connections are charged a fixed cost is the PKR 190 mark, while three-phase connections are charged a fixed amount of 405 PKR. The variable charge is determined based on the unit rate and amount of electricity used.

K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi 2023 Complete Detail Month Wise

K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi 2023 Complete Detail Month Wise

To give you a better understanding of the rates per unit for commercial and domestic connections, we’ve compiled an updated table of prices on February 30, 2023.

| Connection Type | Unit Rate (PKR/kWh) | Updated Price as of March 30, 2023 |

  • Domestic (Below 50 units) | 3.50 | – –
  • Domestic (1-100 units) | 7.70 | – |
  • Domestic (101-200 units) | 10.20 | – |
  • Domestic (201-300 units) | 12.60 | – |
  • Domestic (301-700 units) | 21.52 | – –
  • Domestic (Above 700 units) | 24.73 | –
  • Commercial (Less than 5 kW load) | 20.80 | June 30 2023
  • Commercial (More than 5 kW load) | 24.26 | June 30 2023

It is crucial to remember that additional surcharges are applicable to all consumer categories, except that of the Lifeline Category. The FC Surcharge is set at PKR 0.43/kWh, and the NJ Surcharge is set at PKR 0.10/kWh.

Recent Updates and Future Projections

In March 2023 The International Monetary Fund advised the Government of Pakistan to increase the cost of electricity by PKR 3.39 per unit. In the end, Nepra has approved an additional surcharge of PKR 3.39 per unit for electricity users to be collected from the general public between March and June. The total charge will come approximately PKR 3.82 for each unit. This is an increase over the current rate of PKR 0.43 per unit.

It is vital to keep up-to-date with these changes, since they directly impact on electricity costs and overall cost of energy. Nepra is releasing this decision in response to the federal government. it is anticipated to decrease to PKR 1.43 within the upcoming fiscal year. K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi 2023 Complete Detail Month Wise.

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Electricity Duty * Domestic = 1.5% /Commercial = 2% /Industrial = 1.5% /Bulk Supply=2% & Agricultural = 1% of Variable Charges
General Sales Tax Consumers are subject to General Sales Tax at the rates specified under the Sale Tax Act, 1990
Income Tax Industrial, commercial and residential consumers are also subject to Income Tax under Section 235 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 (Ordinance) as per mechanism stated in Part-IV, Division IV of the First Schedule to the Ordinance. Residential consumers whose name appears on active taxpayers list are not subject to tax under Section 235 of the Ordinance. 

Details on applicable tax as per ITO are as under:

1) Industrial & Commercial connections:
Gross amount of billed Tax rate
Upto Rs. 500 Rs. 0
exceeds Rs. 500 but does not exceed Rs. 20,000 10% of the amount (between 500 and 20,000)
exceeds Rs.20,000 Rs. 1,950 plus 12% of the amount exceeding Rs. 20,000 for commercial consumers 

Rs. 1,950 plus 5% of the amount exceeding Rs. 20,000 for industrial consumers

2) Residential Connections:
Gross amount of billed Tax
if the amount of monthly bill is less than Rs 25,000/ 0%
if the amount of monthly bill is Rs,25,000/- or more 7.5%

*The advance tax shall not be collected from such residential customers which appears on “Active taxpayers” list on FBR.

TV License Fee
Domestic @ Rs. 35/= per TV Set
Commercial / Industrial @ Rs. 60/= per TV Set
Time of Use (ToU) Peak Time
April – October 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
November – March 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Off-Peak Time

Remaining 20 Hours

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Insights for Energy Professionals

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the fields of utilities and energy like electricians, energy analyst and utility management, keeping up to date with current prices and rules is essential. They must be aware of any changes to regulations and policies that could affect their job duties and job opportunities. Check KE Unit Rate Online

In understanding the unit rate list and the implications of it professionals working in the energy industry can more effectively analyze consumption patterns, spot opportunities to save money, and take an informed decision regarding the use of energy.


In the end, this complete guide has given you useful information on the most recent tariffs for electricity offered through K-Electric within Karachi, Pakistan. We’ve discussed the implications of these changes for consumers in 2023, and have highlighted the importance of being updated on the most recent developments in the field of energy.

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