Pak Army Merit List 2023 Call Letter Online

The Pakistan Army is all set to release the Pak Army Merit List 2023 on Wednesday, January 9th. The Pakistan Army has released the 2023 Pak Army Merit List. The list contains the names of officers, soldiers and civilians who have been selected for their outstanding performance in military or civilian life. The list is available online and will be released on different media platforms over the next few days. According to official sources, the merit list comprises names of officers, jawans and civilians who have performed well in their respective fields. Those who qualify for the merit list will be promoted on the basis of their performance.

Pak Army Merit List 2023

The Pakistan Army will release its Merit List for the year 2023 on Friday. The list, which is expected to be released in two parts, will comprise names of soldiers and officers who have excelled in terms of meritorious service during the last year. The list is applicable to both army personnel serving in the field as well as those posted at home.Click Here

Pak Army Soldier Merit list 2023 Bahawalpur

As the year progresses, more and more people are starting to take notice of the impressive merit list that is being prepared for the upcoming recruitment in 2023. If you are looking to join the pak army, then it is important that you start preparing your application now.

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Pak Army 25TH TCC Merit List 2023

There are a number of things that you need to consider when applying for a place in the pak army. Firstly, you will need to be in good physical condition. Secondly, you will need to have strong academic qualifications. Finally, you will need to demonstrate exemplary military skills. 25TH TCC Merit List

Pak Army Soldier Merit list 2023 Okara

The Pakistan Army has announced the names of its topmost merit list for soldiers in the year 2023. The merit list topped by General Qamar Javed Bajwa, whothe current Chief of Army Staff (CAS). As per the sources, all these generals have awarded medals and certificates for their meritorious services in different capacities while commanding respective units. The Pakistani military has also announced a cash award of Rs5 million each on behalf of these generals.

Pak Army Merit List 2023 Call Letter Online


Pak Army Test Result 2023

The Pakistan Army has announced the merit list of the officers and soldiers who have passed their final examination. The officers who made it to the top of the list highly praised by the military establishment.

 Army Result of Soldiers Recruitment

The Pakistan Army is one of the largest and most powerful military forces in the region. It has able to maintain its dominance due to its strict recruitment policy which ensures that only the best recruits accepted into the army. The army result of soldiers recruitment Result a testament to this policy. The stringent recruitment policy has ensured that only qualified soldiers inducted into the Pakistani armed forces, resulting in a high-quality force capable of defending Pakistan’s interests both domestically and abroad. Pak Army Merit List

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Pak Army Captain Merit List 2023

The Pakistan Army’s merit list for the year 2023 has announced. The list includes 1,074 officers who have awarded medals and commendations for their distinguished service. The highest award given to an officer on the merit list is the Sitara-e-Imtiaz, which awarded to only a handful of officers in the Pakistan Army. The majority of officers on the merit list have awarded various other awards including gallantry medals, meritorious service medals, and distinction medals.

Pak Army Charge Nurse Merit List 2023

The Pakistan Army, with a proud and glorious history, is one of the most respected institutions in the country. The army has always known for its discipline and excellence in military training. Recently, the army has started recruitment process for various positions in order to fill up its manpower shortage. In this article, we will be discussing the merit list of charge nurses for the year 2023.

The Pakistani Army divided into three branches- Infantry, Armor and Air Force. Each branch has its own merit list which is different from each other. The below table shows the merit list of charge nurses for the year 2023.

Name of Branch

  • Infantry
  • Armor
  • Air Force

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