www pifra gov pk Pay Slip Registration 2023 Check Salary Slip

www pifra gov pk Pay Slip Registration 2023 Check Salary Slip

General Accountant AG Sindh Pay slip 2023 online download by CNIC and name on this page. Govt of Sindh Pay slip for employees is sent via Email Online. www pifra gov pk Pay Slip Registration 2023 Check Salary Slip. This is a method to enable Sindh employees in the government to download their entire month’s paychecks via their personal email accounts. It is recommended that employees sign up as soon as possible to ensure that they can have access to their online paychecks right in their email inboxes. The pay slip for 2023 could be easily sent through your Gmail account with this method and has proved to be efficient over the last few months.

It is the Finance department of the Pakistani government has introduced this system to allow employees to receive their salary slips each month through email. This allows teachers from the government officers, doctors and junior staff members to receive their pay slips on the internet. 

How Can I check My Salary Slip on PIFRA

Accountant General Government of Pakistan AGPR Pay Slip Download Online is available on this page. It is required to visit www.agpr.gov.pk and then sign into the AGPR account. Log in using your login credentials including your Email Address and Password. Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) is the one who is responsible for centralizing the account, as well as for the report of federal government business transactions.

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Online PIFRA Salary Slip Registration via Email

The registration process for PIFRA by email is simple. But, you must give your personal and Govt details.

We need to prepare the following details before we go into the sign-up page.

  • Employee Complete Full Name
  • The valid ID card number of their current ID
  • Personal Mobile Number
  • Province such as (Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Sarhad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Member of Any Govt. Department
  • DOB (date of birth)
  • Their Personal Gmail Account ID
  • Level of Scale in the Department
  • Assign Government Code

How Can I get Old Salary Slip From PIFRA

PIFRA (Project to Enhance financial Reporting and Auditing) is an approach to improve and effectively manage financial reports. So, if you’re searching for a simple solution to get you to the proper way of checking your salary online by 2023, then you’re at the right place. Salary Slip PIFRA Online

www.pifra.gov.pk pay slip registration

Payroll can be viewed online from December 2023 with this step-by step guide on PIFRA Pay slips as well as registration. There are some additional details regarding PIFRA that could be useful to you too. Payroll or salary slips in order to establish bank accounts , or to keep them for records. In this article, we will discover what PIFRA pay Slip registration works as well as how you can check your pay online for free by using the PIFRA payroll slip registration web page on PIFRA’s official site.

PIFRA Registration Form for Salary Slip

If you’re not registered simply register yourself within three minutes. Input your personal information, select password or confirm password however, don’t forget your password. Enter your Enter NIC#(xxxxx-xxxxxxx-x), Enter Appointment Date(dd.mm.yyyy), and Enter Mothers Maiden Name (when you forget your password this information will also needed); the click Submit. This is only for employees of Sindh as the information pertains to Sindh employees.

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www pifra gov pk Pay Slip Registration 2023 Check Salary Slip

www pifra gov pk Pay Slip Registration 2023 Check Salary Slip

Government employees can download their the pay slip for September 2023 at PIFRA’s website. Pay slip for employees of the government September 2023 can be downloaded for free from PIFRA. Because govt employees must visit the accounting office to collect their salary slips for pay roles, however, now those who are employed by the govt are able to get their pay slips in September 2023. Download pifra here. The Finance department of Pakistan has created a new site where all government employees are able to download their Pifra pay slip for September 2023 to Download for free. 

PIFRA Salary Slip Month Wise

Payroll salary slips for September 2023 can be downloaded online using a Gmail account you’ve created on your Pifra salary slips October 2023 on the internet download.

Online Salary Slip Download

Every Sind Government workers may get their AG Sindh payslip for 2023 by logging onto the website explained below. Follow the steps below to set up your personal salary slip account and the email address you have registered will be enrolled to receive your Sindh police, education Rescue, Wapda and health department pay slips for 2023.

Salary slips for employees

In order to create and distribute online wage slips to employees of the Sindh AG office, PIFRA receives all the data directly from Sindh finance department via its www.agsindh.gov.pk website. Employees must sign up immediately in order to access their pay slips online through the email accounts they have. This method has been proved to work over a number of months and allows you to mail your 2023 pay slip directly to you Gmail account.

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Short Codes Used For PIFRA

When filling out forms or providing information regarding pay slips and pay statements on CGA you might need to enter the shortcodes for every entity. These codes are required when you are referring to either of these entities or states.

  • F is the acronym used to describe Federal
  • It is an acronym for a number for KP Govt
  • S is the name used to describe Sindh
  • B stands for writing Balochistan
  • P for Punjab
  • DGP can be an abbreviation for District Govt Punjab
  • K is used to refer to Kashmir
  • DGN is an abbreviation used to describe District Govt KP
  • GB is used to describe Gilgit-Baltistan
  • GBC is the representative of GB Council
  • C is the name used to describe Kashmir Council

How To Check PIFRA Pay Slip Online?

If you have internet access, you can access Pifra pay slip online. Pifra Pay slip on the internet using a either a mobile device or the computer. There are generally two ways to check your pay slips in Pakistan online using Pifra.

  • Through Email
  • On the official FABS website. FABS.

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