PPSC Interview Questions Answer Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar 2022

Check your PPSC Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar Result 2023 and now worry about interview. All those candidates who passed the PPSC written test with excellent marks and eligible for interview can prepare themselves for interview. Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC conduct the interview on announce schedule. Now a days PPSC official authority busy to generate the interview schedule of selected candidates. Because a lot of students apply for Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar Jobs and most candidates pass PPSC written exam with 60% marks and above. PPSC Interview Questions Answer Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar 2023.

PPSC Interview Question Answer

Also they have the excellent educational back ground. Mostly candidates are confused which question asked in interview and which is the correct answer of the question. Today we solve this problem on this page we share PPSC Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar interview question answer for our visitor.

Tehsildar PPSC Interview Question Answer

Go through your PPSC Tehsildar Exam Results 2023 Naib Tehsildar online and see your scores, final results, and a list of the top candidates to be interviewed. On this site, Punjab Public Service Commission has made available results of the PPSC Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar merit lists for the exam in 2023.

PPSC Interview Question

You can find PPSC outcomes by entering some bits of information about yourself, such as your CNIC or roll number or your full name. We’ve included an online link to your results on this page to ensure you can view them immediately.

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PPSC Interview Questions Answer Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar 2023

PPSC Interview Questions Answer Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar 2022

Impressive Interview for Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar

Candidate: Good Morning sir

Chairman: Good Morning Mr Taufail, please sit down.

Candidate: Thank you sir for you cordial welcome.

Q1. Where do you come from?

Ans. Sir I come from Okara.

Q2. The Federal Government when did introduce the land reforms for the first time in Pakistan?

Ans. In 1959 sir.

Q3. You are twenty five are you not?

Ans. Yes sir..

Q4. You took your B.Sc Agriculture degree from University of Agriculture Faisalabad is it correct?

Ans. Yes sir.

Q5. How did you find the University of Agriculture Faisalabad?

Ans. It is regarded as one of the best agricultural institution not only in Pakistan but in Asia as well.

Q6. Do you know when this university was established?

Ans. Yes 1961 sir.

Q7. Please tell us how far from is Okara from Lahore?

Ans. I think it is 81 miles from Lahore.

Q8. What help can B.Sc degree give you in Tehsildarship?

Ans. The theoretical knowledge that I have got can be put to practical use by organsising model forms in my tehsil.

Q9. You have a B.Sc Agriculture degree with you; please tell us how much raw material is produced?

Ans. 30%

Q10. You say in your form that you belong to an agriculturist class are you an agriculturist by birth?

Ans. Yes sir.

Q11. Do you know riding?

Ans. Yes sir. My father owns a horse and whenever I am at home, I go out for a ride in the evening.

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Q12. What do you know about Rabi crops?

Ans. The crops grown in October and November after the rainy season are called Rabi crops.

Q13. When Rabi crop is harvested?

Ans. In April and May.

Q14. Please tell us some important Rabi crops?

Ans. Among the Rabi crops wheat barley grams and oil seeds are important.

Q15. What is the proper time for sowing wheat in the area known as Punjab?

Ans. The month of October and November.

Q16. If a Zamidar fails to finish his work by the end of November, what should he do to make up this deficiency?

Ans. He should better sow such a quality of wheat which takes less time to ripen or he should first sow the seed and water the filed afterwards.

Q17. You are a person of active habits?

Ans. I rise every day at 5 AM and after offering the morning pray I take exercise.

Q18. How can a farmer get better results?


  1. Improved seeds may be used.
  2. Modern agricultural equipment and machine may he used.
  3. Plant protection
  4. To ensure supply of water.

Q19. It is said that the yield per acre in Pakistan in much less than everywhere. How far is this truth?

Ans. No sir it is just propaganda.

Q20. Suppose you are a tehsildar of a tehsil in Okara district what steps you will take to educate the famers?

Ans. Organizing model farms, providing one-window facilities to the farmers, by cinema shows at village fairs and through radio T.V broadcasting and print media.

Q21. What is the basic object of agricultural reforms?

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Ans. To remove great disparity of ownership of land and provide soft term loans modern machinery for agriculture seeds fertilizer and other needs to the farmers.

Chairman: We have finished now. Mr. Tufail.

Candidate: May I go now sir.

Chairman: Yes with great pleasure Good Bye.

Candidate: Good bye sir.

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