Bahimat Buzurg Program Registration 2023 By CNIC

Bahimat Buzurg Program Registration 2023 By CNIC and name here. The government of Punjab, Pakistan, recently launched the programme called Bahimat Buzurg, which is open to all seniors in the province. Under the Bahimat Buzurg Programme, citizens of all Punjabi province districts can obtain for just Rs.2000 If you need help applying for the Bahimat Buzurg Program’s online registration to receive financial aid of Rs.2000 and don’t want to run into any difficulties, this article is for you.

Bahimat Buzurg Program

The Bahimat Buzurg Programme, run by the Punjab Social Protection Authority, was officially launched by Chief Minister of Punjab and Chairperson of the Ehsaas Punjab Programme Sardar Usman Buzdar. On Friday, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said that the province would be giving out Bahimat Buzurg Programme Cards with an initial value of Rs. 2 billion to 150,000 old persons.

Eligibility Criteria

You should read the BHBP guidelines thoroughly before submitting an application. People over the age of 65 are unfortunately not accepted into this programme. Yes! Men and women must meet the same standards. The government of Punjab will check the information you provided against data obtained from NADRA and conduct a survey at the union council level before granting your request.

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The eligibility age for this programme is 65 and up.
This programme is open to low-income seniors with a poverty score of 20 or lower.
There is a one-person-per-family application limit.


 The Ba Himmat Buzurg programme would give qualified Pakistani seniors RS 2000/month as a stipend/wazfia in 2023. After three months, beneficiaries of Ba Himmat Buzurg 2023 will receive Rs 2000. For questions or objections, eligible citizens must attend local municipal committees. Dear candidates, we have provided necessary Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Programme 2023 Registration details. Use the comment box to ask questions. Please share this post so more people can benefit from the Bahimat Buzurg programme 2023.

Bahimat Buzurg Program Registration 2023 By CNIC

Bahimat Buzurg Program Registration 2023 By CNIC

Bahimat Buzurg Program Apply Online

The registration process for Punjab’s Bahimat Buzurg Programme will be off with a survey conducted with the assistance of NADRA.The Punjab government plans to help retired people out by providing them with a social pension of Rs. 2,000 after registration has begun through the new launch programme Bahimat Buzurg Programme. A monthly allowance of Rs. 2,000 has been set aside for the elderly.

Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration 2023 Process

The original ID is required when a person visits the centre. Two programme representatives will be appointed. Both will be employees of the Punjab Bank; one will be a Punjab Social Welfare Officer with a donor. There may be specific cases:

  • Please elaborate on the information recorded and written on your CNIC card. If you sign up right then and there, this will be the case.
  • If you enter your CNIC and it says your document can’t be found, you’ll need to first sign in at the BISP office and then return here.
  • A photograph or picture of you will be taken by an officer at check-in. After a photo is taken of the front and back of your CNIC, you’ll be sent on to another Punjab Bank employee who will complete your account setup and issue you an ATM card. A PIN to use at the ATM has also been issued to you.
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Bahimat Buzurg Program Portal

A Punjab Social Welfare Officer and a contributor, as well as a representative from Punjab Bank, will be on hand at the centre where the Bahimat Buzurg Programme application will be processed. A photograph of the applicant and a photocopy of the front and back of the CNIC will be taken by an official during the registration process. After being referred to another employee, the applicant will be able to open an account and receive an ATM card from Punjab Bank. A PIN for the bank’s automated teller machine will also be issued to the applicant.

Ehsaas Website Online Registration
Click Here

Ba Himmat Buzurg Program

Numerous locals have expressed interest in participating in BaHimmat Buzurg 2023. They went online to check their eligibility status. Therefore, we are supplying a direct link to the Ba Himmat Buzurg program’s application status and eligibility check page. If you want to see if you qualify for the Ba Himmat Buzurg programme, click the provided link and enter your CNIC number. Send us your CNIC number via the comment box if you’re still on the fence about this.

The BA Himmat Buzarg Program: How to Sign Up

  • You can quickly and easily sign up for the Ba Himmat Buzar Programme 2023 online.
  • The application process for the Bahimat Buzurg programme 2023 is now open to eligible citizens via the provided website.
  • Register for Bahimat Buzurg by clicking the link provided.
  • Your real names, CNIC number, and other forms of identification will need to be entered there.
  • The Punjabi government’s office for reducing poverty will take your application further after that and issue a verification number.
  • Keep your verification number safe so you can track the progress of your application.4
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Contact Information Bahimat Buzurg Program

The phone number for the Bahimat Buzurg Program’s help line in Punjab, Pakistan, is kept secret. If you have any questions or concerns about the project, however, you can visit the nearest programme facility or contact the Punjab Social Security Authority for assistance. The Authority’s contact information includes an 0800-26477 helpline for the Ehsaas Programme and an online contact form.

  • Phone: (042) 35783700-10;
  • UAN: 111-200-100

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